sait Bambino school.


The SAIT Motorsport Bambino School, brought to you by both Sait Motorsport & the Sait Motorsport Academy is focussed on educating both driver & family of the ways of Owner Driver Karting.


As we focus on the development of drivers trough exceptional tuition and guidance, we are perfectly situated to offer the best founding steps for your son or daughter, Grandson or Grandaugher. Our Instructors are known for their abilities within the Bambino class, with all of them having formerly been the instructors/lead instructors of the ARKS School at Buckmore Park & Brands Hatch. We can aid drivers who start from scratch, or experienced Bambino drivers who are looking to add to their portfolio of skills.

This training includes on and off circuit activities to assure that your young driver is ready to race!



Equipment - Which bits you are going to need, the stuff to avoid, etc.

Basic Mechanics - How to run the kart without sending a piston or worse, your driver, to the moon.

Basic Controls - Teaching your small human all the basics they need to know. Throttle, Brake, Steering, etc




Our circuit-based Bambino training includes focus on the following key components;


Cornering Geometry - Entry, Apex & Exit points


Handling the Kart - How to execute perfect speed & control through low and high speed corners.


Assessing the Competition - What to look for, and how to execute an overtaking manoeuvre.


Pace Management - As Bambino competition is against the clock, pace management and gap maintenance is key.

Technical Training - Know what the kart is doing underneath you, and use it to your advantage!




"As a parent of my very own small human, I completely understand how proud and protective you will be over your child. I want my son to experience the best, but before all else, his safety is paramount. I will not put my name to something that is not safe, or beneficial to new starters or experienced drivers. The Bambino School is designed to give our next generation the best possible opportunities. We work with you, to watch you flourish!" Laurence Sait, Founder.

Once you graduate from the School, you will be given immediate entry into the Bambino Stars program. 

Our Bambino Stars program, is designed to enhance the skills of experienced Bambino drivers. To find out more, click here.