so, why frixa?

All of our brake pad products are made from our blend of secret ingredients and high end materials, including Kevlar®.

Our unique ‘mix’ of unique materials allow us to be one of the most competitive brake manufacturers, especially within the motorsport high performance industry.

This unique composition of Frixa, if used correctly, allows our brake products to withstand the wear and tear that high performance friction creates. With their enhanced thermal stability and inherent abrasion resistance, reinforced brake pads of Kevlar® are designed for long life and safe, low dust emission and quieter braking. 

  • Kevlar® staple and floc are short-fibre versions suitable for textile applications, and for reinforcement of thermoplastic and thermoset matrices.

  • Kevlar® aramid pulp is a fibrillated short fibre widely used in most friction and sealing applications.

The frictional forces that brake pads are designed to endure, take less ‘’punishment’’ on Frixa brake pads made with Kevlar® pulp. The enhanced thermal stability and inherent abrasion resistance of brake pads reinforced with Kevlar® pulp helps allow them to last longer and continues to produce high energy performance levels to the end of the pad life. (2mm minimum)

In short, Frixa Brake Pads will not only go the distance. But they will offer effective & efficient braking at all times throughout. These products have been specifically engineered to ensure you have no issues* of glazing, overheating or crumbling when used correctly. We believe in them so strongly, that we only recommend Frixa Brake Components to all karts they are suitable for. 

We hold stock of Frixa Brake System products not only for Compkart/Birel applications, but for OTK/TonyKart & CRG Systems also.


This includes the New OTK Brake Pads for the latest BSD system fitted to all OTK chassis'. 

This stock is available at all Race Meetings we attend & also through our Online Store just Click Here to go there now.

Our direct replacement Pads are the Medium Compound. The others allow for more precise braking set up as per driver requirements.

*Issues may arise if not used correctly. Glazing occurs when prolonged braking occurs which can damage the face of the friiction material. SAIT Motorsport Limited accept no liability for the failure or transformation of any friction material, backing plate or brake disc caused by misuse. This includes improper cleaning & maintenance.